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Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest

The Environmental Prtection Agency (EPA) will require the newly revised forms to be used as of September 5, 2006. The new manifest will meet all the requirements requested by the EPA, including manifest tracking numbers (MTN). The forms are 6 part carbonless available in continuous and snap-out formats.

Customized Online Customer Catalogs

For Welsh Information Management established and valued customers we have provided a secure e-commerce area for your ordering requirements. The e-commerce area of our site has the specific products that your company orders from Welsh Information Management as well as order tracking, pricing, custom stationery templates and inventory that Welsh Information Management stores for your company. We feel this will be of great benefit to you and your company, so please take advantage of this service. If you need help getting started with this service please feel free to call our customer service department at (317) 894-8100


E-Commerce is changing the way business is conducted, and the printing and information management business is no exception

Without question, the Internet is the business frontier of the future and Welsh & Associates plan to give our customers the Power, Simplicity, and Convenience that they deserve.

Our Quantum 2000 net system provides customized e-commerce solutions for our customers, including the following:
  • Electronic Ordering and Requisitioning
  • On-Line business card and stationery proofing
  • Customized client catalogs
  • Product image display
  • Product and service inquiry Remote report generation

Quantum 2000 Net Power.
Simplicity. Convenience.

The Power to change your business.
  • Our customers can place on-line orders that automatically generate warehouse releases, and order confirmations are returned to our customers via e-mail.
  • Mass shipping enables multiple orders to be placed with a single on-line entry when items require shipment to multiple cost centers.
  • Our customer catalogs can display thousands of items, including graphic images, inventory data and price breaks.
  • Customer catalogs can be individualized based on cost centers.
  • Security features allow rights to be assigned to our customers, enabling them to access inventory status and order history information.

The Simplicity and Convenience you expect.

  • Our customers log on individually with user name, password, and cost center designation.
  • Our customers can use customized electronic templates to preview letterhead, envelopes, and business cards, then automatically create orders for these items.
  • Our customers can pay on-line using credit cards.
  • The Customer Message Center supports e-mail routing to specific representatives within our company.

Providing Solutions For Your
Information Management Needs.

As a proud member of our industry, Welsh & Associates is known for its Service, Quality, and Value added products. Yes, we print Business Forms. Some of the highest quality Business Forms on the market. As an independent distributor of Business Forms it is our job. But being a distributor means you must offer much more. Welsh & Associates offers a wide variety of printed products to fulfill all of your printing needs. Please look through our site. We have tried to give our customers and prospective customers an in-depth look at what Welsh & Associates can offer. Feel free to call with any questions that you may have regarding any products or services that we offer.


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