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Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest

The Environmental Prtection Agency (EPA) will require the newly revised forms to be used as of September 5, 2006. The new manifest will meet all the requirements requested by the EPA, including manifest tracking numbers (MTN). The forms are 6 part carbonless available in continuous and snap-out formats.

Customized Online Customer Catalogs

For Welsh Information Management established and valued customers we have provided a secure e-commerce area for your ordering requirements. The e-commerce area of our site has the specific products that your company orders from Welsh Information Management as well as order tracking, pricing, custom stationery templates and inventory that Welsh Information Management stores for your company. We feel this will be of great benefit to you and your company, so please take advantage of this service. If you need help getting started with this service please feel free to call our customer service department at (317) 894-8100

What is a Distributor?

An independent business forms distributor is a highly trained professional who can offer expert analysis and design of business forms and information management systems. We are qualified by training and experience to examine every phase of your forms and information handling systems. We are also a part of your local community. We build relationships with our customers through reliable, personal service.

How can a Distributor help your company?

We can supply your company with a wide range of printing and related services. Distributors are not limited to a single product line. With our expertise, we can provide your company tailored solutions to your needs for quality, value, price and response time. Distributors offer the widest range of products and services from a variety of different manufacturers. Some products include commercial printing, labels, checks, mailers, bar coding systems, ad specialties, business forms, warehousing, distribution, fulfillment, pick and pack, print on demand, electronic forms and imaging.

Why use an Independent Distributor of Business Forms and Information Management Systems?

Increase your productivity and reduce your costs through efficient information management.

Your business is in the midst of an information and paperwork explosion. The data you need to manage your business profitably is being generated faster and in greater volume than ever before. Yet this information alone will not raise your firm's productivity. To stay ahead in today's fast-paced economy, controlling the generation and flow of information is critical. You must have a business forms and information management system that gives you what you need, when you need it, without overwhelming you, your staff and your budget. An independent distributor can introduce your company to a way to higher productivity and reduce costs through efficient information management.

Here is what the independent business forms and systems specialist can do for your company.

The independent will increase your firm's information handling efficiency and lower its management costs. This may be accomplished through improvements in your paperwork procedures...improvements in your information and paperwork systems design, the elimination of some forms and/or their combination with others, or dozens of other information management techniques. The independent will recommend solutions that will best serve your company and its unique requirements.

Helping you get the most for your forms dollar.

Independent business forms and systems specialists can help you minimize your information management costs. They know the production capabilities of hundreds of manufacturers and can place your order with the one who can meet the product specifications at the lowest cost. In addition, they can reduce freight costs by selecting a manufacturer near the delivery site. It adds to costs saving for your company.

Technical expertise to solve your problems.

The independent members of the DMIA have experienced the highest quality education and training available in the industry. Our knowledge spans the full range of business systems products and the latest information handling equipment. Through the DMIA, an independent receives state-of-the-art assistance to solve any new or special problem that may arise. The independent has the latest technical and product information on new developments in micro-, mini- and mainframe computer printers, bar coding, desktop publishing, scanning and other important technologies that can impact your business.

Specialized forms service tailored to your needs.

The independent specializes in custom-designed forms services that go well beyond merely supplying the product. These services, plus the personal attention you receive from the independent, guarantee that you will never run out of business forms, never be bogged down in paperwork malfunctions, never miss a chance for improved efficiencies. Your company benefits from a professional, custom designed forms service program by:

• Quality, Trouble free processing of forms
• Reduced machine and labor costs
• Enhanced corporate image
• Dependable delivery and inventory control Improved cash flow through reduced receivable
• Optimum use of storage
• Reduced handling and purchasing costs

Help when there is a crisis.

An independent helps their clients avoid forms shortages and other emergency situations. Our services include rush deliveries and emergency consultation. If you are in need of forms or information now, an independent forms and systems distributor is your only choice.

The Advantages an Independent Offers Your Company.

Independents can design and deliver a business information management system that will meet your specific needs, not the production capabilities of the manufacturing supplier. Independents are not bound by the policies, product line or production limitations of any one manufacturer. So, in revising a clients' forms and systems program, they must use the capabilities of a variety of sources. When a manufacturer is chosen, it is only after the independent makes certain that it is the best tooled to meet the exact specifications of the order at the best price.

Providing Solutions For Your
Information Management Needs.

As a proud member of our industry, Welsh & Associates is known for its Service, Quality, and Value added products. Yes, we print Business Forms. Some of the highest quality Business Forms on the market. As an independent distributor of Business Forms it is our job. But being a distributor means you must offer much more. Welsh & Associates offers a wide variety of printed products to fulfill all of your printing needs. Please look through our site. We have tried to give our customers and prospective customers an in-depth look at what Welsh & Associates can offer. Feel free to call with any questions that you may have regarding any products or services that we offer.


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